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Tõnu Kaljuste Intervjuu: Spinozal on kõik kirjas (Estonian) by Mihkel Mutt in the Sirp Weekly Newspaper on December 20, 2002 (English title: Spinoza has it all written down)
Tõnu Kaljuste Intervjuu: Kaljuste avab kontserdiaasta Berliinis (Estonian) by Romi Erlach in Eesti Päevaleht on December 12, 2002 (English title: Kaljuste opens the concert year in Berlin)
Tõnu Kaljuste Intervjuu: Hingelise kire muusika ida ja lääne teljelt (Estonian) by Immo Mihkelson in Postimees October 11, 2002
Tõnu Kaljuste Interview: Music of soulful passion from East and West (English translation of above interview) search for further interviews in progress.

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Tõnu Kaljuste Biography (English) at the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website search for biographical links and texts in progress.

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