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Internet, Radio, Television Broadcasts

International radio broadcasts are becoming more available to anyone with a high speed transfer rate on their computer modem. Not all radio stations have an internet broadcast feed but there are many that do. The listings below are based primarily on either actual radio "on-air" signals or internet transmissions that I have personally heard. Most internet broadcasts are available in one of three dominant formats: Real Audio, Apple Quick Time Player or Windows Media Player. In some cases, all formats are even offered as an option. All of these audio players in their basic formats are commonly available as free downloads. Usually, an upgraded version is available for an on-line payment. Please remember that internet transmissions are in mono sound i.e. there are not 2 separate channels that you are receiving, but just one.
It is important to keep in mind the time zone differences for broadcasts originating from locations at great distances from yourself. e.g. evening concerts from Europe are commonly "on-air" from noon to early afternoon in North America / evening concerts from North America are commonly "on-air" from early a.m. hours to early morning in Europe.
If you know of Tõnu Kaljuste radio broadcasts and/or internet transmissions that are not listed here, please contact me with the details via e-mail at: