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Robert Heppener: Choral Works
Donemus CV78 (6 56345 98015 8) (European release)
Canti carnascialeschi recorded at the Augustinuskerk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands on September 9 & 11, 1997. Other works recorded at the Waalse Kerr, Amsterdam, The Netherlands on September 23 & 24, 1997. Released in 1999.
Recording engineer:Peter Arts; Recording producer:Ivar Munk

All compositions by Robert Heppener
Tracks 1.-5. Canti carnascialeschi (1966) per coro da camera a cappella (20:03)
Helena Wiklund:soprano; Ananda Goud:alto; Marcel Beekman:tenor; Robert Coupe:tenor; Kees-Jan de Koning: bass; Netherlands Chamber Choir / Tõnu Kaljuste
Track 6. Del iubilo del core che esce in voce (1974) per 16 voci (12:37)
Track 7. Nachklänge (1977) for chamber choir a cappella (15:21)
Track 8. Bruchstücke eines alten Textes (1990) für Chor a cappella (12:39)
Netherlands Chamber Choir / Daniël Reuss

Commissions, Dedications and Awards
Canti carnascialeschi was commissioned by the City of Amsterdam for Bertus van Lier. Del iubilo del core che esce in voce was commissioned by NCRV Radio on the occasion of their 50th jubilee, 1974 and is dedicated to Nico Dekker. Nachklänge was commissioned by the Dutch Government for the Holland Festival 1977. Bruchstücke eines alten Textes is an "Hommage an Mendelssohn" and was composed with financial support from the Fund for the Creation of Music.
Music Publishers
The scores of Robert Heppener: Choral Works are published by Donemus, Amsterdam.
Other Points of Interest and Links
The booklet notes on the choral works of Robert Heppener are by Maarten Brandt and are in English only (translation by Jonathan Reeder). The texts of the compositions are provided in German only for Nachklänge and Bruchstücke eines alten Textes and Italian, Dutch and English for Canti carnascialeschi and Del iubilo del core che esce in voce. The translations are collectively credited to Jonathan Reeder, Robert Heppener and George R. Kay.