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Arvo Pärt: Litany
ECM New Series 1592 (78118-21592-2 BMG edition for 1st North American release, Universal Music Group edition for 2nd North American release)

Litany recorded at the Niguliste Church, Tallinn, Estonia in September 1995. Psalom & Trisagion recorded at the Mozart-Saal / Liederhalle, Stuttgart, Germany in September 1995. Released in 1996. Tonmeister:Teije van Geest (Litany), Peter Laenger (Psalom, Trisagion); Producer:Manfred Eicher; An ECM Production.

All compositions by Arvo Pärt (1935-)
Track 1. Litany (1994) for soloists, mixed choir & orchestra (22:45)
David James:countertenor; Rogers Covey-Crump:tenor; John Potter:tenor; Gordon Jones:bass; (soloists from The Hilliard Ensemble) Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, Tallinn Chamber Orchestra / Tõnu Kaljuste
Track 2. Psalom (1985/95) for string orchestra (6:45)
Track 3. Trisagion (1992/95) for string orchestra (11:53)
Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra / Saulius Sondeckis

Commissions, Dedications and Awards
Litany was commissioned by the 25th Oregon Bach Festival and is dedicated to Helmuth Rilling and the Oregon Bach Festival. Psalom is dedicated to Alfred Schlee on his birthday. Trisagion is dedicated to the parish of Prophet Elias in Ilomantsi on the occasion of its 500th anniversary.
Music Publishers
The scores of Litany, Psalom and Trisagion are published by Universal Edition Wien.
Other Points of Interest and Links
1. The BMG North American 1st edition CD booklet contains the text of Litany only in English. There is also one photograph of Arvo Pärt by photographer Tõnu Tormis. No other essays or notes are provided.
2. The ECM Records website has a page for this recording which can be seen here.