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Alfred Schnittke: Psalms of Repentance
ECM New Series 1583 (289 453 513-2 Universal Music Group edition for North American release)

Recorded at Högalidskyrkan, Stockholm, Sweden by P2 Swedish Broadcasting Corporation in February 1996. Released in 1999.
Recording Engineer: Ian Cederholm; Producer: Gunnar Andersson; Executive Producer: Manfred Eicher; An ECM Production.

All compositions by Alfred Schnittke (1934-1998)
Psalms of Repentance (1988) for mixed choir
I. Adam sat before the gates of Paradise and wept (2:55)
II. The desert receives me as a mother her child (5:06)
III. Why do I live in poverty (4:00)
IV. My soul - why art thou steeped in sin (2:37)
V. O Man - damned and wretched (3:18)
VI. When they saw the ship that suddenly appeared (2:10)
VII. O my Soul, why art thou unafraid (6:23)
VIII. Wouldst thou overcome the timelessness of grief? (2:02)
IX. My life as a cleric have I pondered (8:14)
X. Gather, Christian citizens! (3:42)
XI. I came into this wretched life a naked babe (4:07)
XII. (no text) (8:26)
Per Björsund:tenor, Leif Aruhn-Solén:tenor, Swedish Radio Choir/Tõnu Kaljuste

Commissions, Dedications and Awards
This recording won the Cannes Classical Award 2000 for Best Choral Performance.
Music Publishers
The score of Psalms of Repentance is published by M.P.Belaieff Musikverlag, Frankfurt/M.
Other Points of Interest and Links
1. The CD booklet contains the texts of the Psalms of Repentance in Russian (Cyrillic lettering), English and German. It also contains an essay titled Psalms of sombre grief - Alfred Schnittke's Twelve Psalms of Repentance by Uwe Schweikert in German and English 2. The ECM Records website has a page for this recording which can be seen here.