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Veljo Tormis: Forgotten Peoples
ECM New Series 1459/60 (434 275-1 original European 2LP edition by ECM Records; 434 275-2 original North American 2CD edition by Polygram Records)

Recorded at the Tapiola Church, Finland during February 1990. Released in 1992.
Recording Supervision/Engineer:Peter Laenger; Photos:Tõnu Tormis (except for back cover by Lauri Laiho, 1938); Cover Design:Barbara Wojirsch; Producer:Paul Hillier (The Theatre of Voices Edition).

Compositions by Veljo Tormis (1930-)
Note that in the titles given below, the latest English translation as per the current (c. 2003) scores published by Fennica Gehrman are given first. If the earlier (c. 1992) English translation used by ECM Records differs markedly, it is also given after an aka (also known as) acronym.

Compact Disc 1 (TT=59:17) / Vinyl LP 1 Side A (TT=27:52)
The cycle Liivlaste pärandus (1970) (Livonian Heritage) [A series of Livonian folk songs for mixed choir; original Livonian texts adapted by Herbert Tampere and transcribed by Karl Kont] (TT=16:16)
Track 1. Lindude äratamine (Waking the Birds) (5:20)
Track 2. Karjametsas (At Pasture aka Day Of A Herdsboy) (3:23)
Track 3. Vastlad (Shrovetide aka Shrove Tuesday) (1:38)
Track 4. Unehiireke (Little Mouse of Sleep aka Wee Winky Mouse (Lullaby)) (2:53)
Track 5. Laulis isa, laulis poega (Sang the Father, Sang the Son) (3:02)
The cycle Vadja pulmalaulud (1971) (Votic Wedding Songs) [A series of Votic runic songs for mixed choir; original Votic texts adapted by Elna Adler and Tõnu Seilenthal] (TT=11:36)
Track 6. Mõrsja vihtlemine (The Ritual Whisking of the Bride) (1:06)
Track 7. Pulmaliste saabumine (Arrival of the Wedding Guests) (1:59)
Track 8. Pilkelaulmine (Mockery Singing) (1:28)
Track 9. Veimevaka jagamine (Distributing the Dowry Chest) (1:26)
Track 10. Noorpaari õpetamine (Instructing the Newly-Weds) (1:40)
Track 11. Koka kiitmine (Praising the Cook) (1:06)
Track 12. Kui ma kasvasin, kanake (When I, Little Chick, Was Growing Up) (2:51)
Vinyl LP 1 Side B (TT=31:25)
The cycle Isuri eepos (Izhorian Epic) (1975) [A series of Izhorian runic songs for mixed choir; original Izhorian texts adapted by Arvo Laanest] (TT=31:25)
Track 13. Loomine (The Creation) (3:09)
Track 14. Kolme käo kukkumine (The Call of Three Cuckoos) (4:24)
Track 15. Pulmalaul (Wedding Song) (1:56)
Track 16. Poeg või tütar? (A Son or a Daughter?) (3:18)
Track 17. Sõduriks võtmine (The Conscript aka Recruitment) (3:29)
Track 18. Oh ma vaene poisike! (Oh, Poor Boy that I Am! aka Oh, I'm A Luckless Lad) (1:19)
Track 19. Suu laulis, süda muretses (My Mouth Was Singing, My Heart Was Worrying) (3:38)
Track 20. Mõõk merest (The Sword from the Sea) (3:32)
Track 21. Ussisõnad (A Spell Against the Snake aka Incantation Of Snakes) (0:48)
Track 22. Undarmoi ja Kalervoi (Undarmoi and Kalervoi) (5:52)

Compact Disc 2 (TT=65:50) / Vinyl LP 2 Side A (TT=39:10)
The cycle Ingerimaa õhtud (Ingrian Evenings) (1979) [A series of Ingrian folk songs for mixed choir; original Ingrian texts adapted by Ada Ambus] (TT=19:04)
Track 1. RåntüÅ�kä (Tantsulaul) I (Råntyskälaulu I / Råntyshkä (a dance song) I) (3:07)
Track 2. RåntüÅ�kä II (Råntyskälaulu II / Råntyshkä II) (1:46)
Track 3. RåntüÅ�kä III (Råntyskälaulu III / Råntyshkä III) (1:52)
Track 4. Kiigelaul I (Liekkulaulu I / Chastushka (a jocular song) I) (1:30)
Track 5. Kiigelaul II (Liekkulaulu II / Chastushka II) (1:25)
Track 6. Ringmängulaul (Piirileikkilaulu / Roundelay) (2:02)
Track 7. RåntüÅ�kä IV (Råntyskälaulu IV / Råntyshkä IV) (2:33)
Track 8. RåntüÅ�kä V (Råntyskälaulu V / Råntyshkä V) (1:24)
Track 9. Lõpetus ja kojuminek (Lopetus ja kotiinlähtå / Ending and Going Home) (3:26)
The cycle Vepsa rajad (Vepsian Paths) (1983) [A series of Vepsian folk songs for mixed choir; original Vepsic texts adapted by Maare Joalaid] (TT=20:06)
Track 10. Ć•ekene, sirgukene (My Sister, My Little Cricket) (1:50)
Track 11. Venesse pürgiv neiu (The Maid Striving to the Boat aka Urging Her Into The Boat) (1:40)
Track 12. Taevased kosilased (The Heavenly Suitors) (1:49)
Track 13. Läksin mina Kikoilasse (I Went to Kikoila) (0:34)
Track 14. Kukku ja kukku (Cuckoo and Cuckoo) (0:57)
Track 15. Läksin mina veele (I Went to Fetch Some Water) (0:15)
Track 16. Kiisu-miisu (Pussy-cat) (0:35)
Track 17. Laulda teile lauluke (To Sing You a Little Song aka I'd Like To Sing You A Song) (0:35)
Track 18. Kus sa täna magasid? (Where Did You Sleep Last Night?) (0:49)
Track 19. Mis teil tehakse? (What Are They Doing at Your Place?) (0:34)
Track 20. Ronis härg kuuse otsa (The Ox Climbed a Fir Tree) (0:43)
Track 21. Vägisi mehele (Forced To Get Married) (2:05)
Track 22. Ć„iutus (Lulling aka A Cradle Song) (1:46)
Track 23. Ainus poeg (The Only Son) (1:56)
Track 24. Tutu-lutu karjane (Toot-Toot, Herdsboy) (3:57)
Vinyl LP 2 Side B (TT=26:40)
The cycle Karjala saatus / Karjalan kohtalo / Karelian Destiny (1989) [A series of Karelian runic songs for mixed choir; original Karelian texts adapted by Kari Laukkanen] (TT=26:40)
Track 25. Nuttev neiu (Itkevä neito / The Weeping Maiden) (4:33)
Track 26. Mere kosilased (Meren kosijat / The Suitors from the Sea) (5:04)
Track 27. Orjana Virus (Orjana Virossa / As a Serf in Viru aka A Thrall in Viru) (5:13)
Track 28. Tamme raiuja (Tammen kaataja / Oak-feller aka The Oak Cutter) (5:28)
Track 29. Hällilaul (Kehtolaulu / Lullaby) (6:23)

Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir / Tõnu Kaljuste

Commissions, Dedications and Awards
Research in progress.

Music Publishers
The publishing source for the complete scores of Forgotten Peoples is Fennica Gehrman, Helsinki, Finland (previously Warner/Chappell Music Finland Oy and Edition Fazer, Finland).

Other Points of Interest and Links
1. The booklet contains a brief introductory note by producer Paul Hillier, a brief biographical note on Veljo Tormis, and an overview history of the composition of the Forgotten Peoples cycle by the composer. All of these are in English only in the editions listed above. Complete texts are provided for all of the works in their original languages and in complete English translations by Ellen Sillamägi (Livonian Heritage, Votic Wedding Songs, Ingrian Evenings, Vepsian Paths), Inna Feldback (Izhorian Epic) and Krista Mits (Karelian Destiny).
2. The ECM Records website has a page for this 2CD/2LP disc set from where direct purchases can be made and which can be seen here. The 2LP vinyl version is still available as of this update (December 2005) and can be heartily recommended to those who yearn for a full size 12" by 12" liner booklet although the type fonts and sizes are mostly identical to the CD booklet.