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Erkki-Sven Tüür: Crystallisatio
ECM New Series 1590 (European 449 459-2) (North American BMG Classics 78118-21590-2) (North American Universal Music Group)
Recorded at the Estonia Concert Hall, Tallinn during 1994-1995. Released in 1996. Engineer: Maido Maadik, Estonian Radio; Producer: Manfred Eicher.

All compositions by Erkki-Sven Tüür
Architectonics VI (1992) (for flute, clarinet, vibraphone and strings) 12:26
Tallinn Chamber Orchestra / Tõnu Kaljuste
Passion (1993) (for strings) 6:46
Tallinn Chamber Orchestra / Tõnu Kaljuste
Illusion (1993) (for strings) 3:31
Tallinn Chamber Orchestra / Tõnu Kaljuste
Crystallisatio (1995) (for 3 flutes, campanelle, strings and live electronics) 12:19
Tallinn Chamber Orchestra / Tõnu Kaljuste
Requiem (1994) in memoriam Peeter Lilje (for soprano, tenor, mixed choir, triangle, piano and strings) 28:56
Kaia Urb: soprano solo, Tiit Kogermann: tenor solo.
Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir & Tallinn Chamber Orchestra / Tõnu Kaljuste

Commissions, Dedications and Awards
Architectonics VI was commissioned by the Helsinki Festival and was premiered in Helsinki on August 21, 1992 by members of the AVANTI Chamber Orchestra.
Passion and Illusion are Sections 2 and 3 of a trilogy entitled SHOW. Section 1 is entitled Action. The complete work was premiered on October 25, 1993 by the Tallinn Chamber Orchestra conducted by Tõnu Kaljuste
Crystallisatio was commissioned by the Estonian Music Days Festival and was premiered in Tallinn by the Estonian Youth Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Toomas Kapten. Requiem was premiered by the soloists and other performers of this recording in Tallinn on November 17, 1994.
Requiem was among the 10 Recommended works chosen at the 1995 International Rostrum of Composers.
Music Publishers
Architectonics VI, Passion, Illusion are published by Warner Chappell Music, Finland (previously Fazer).
Crystallisatio, Requiem are published by C.F.Peters, Frankfurt.
Other Points of Interest and Links
1. The CD liner notes consist of a Tüür interview by Steve Lake, composition notes from Tüür and an essay by Wolfgang Sander.
2. Together with Ain Varts, the composer performs the live electronics contained in the composition Crystallisatio.
3. Campanelle is the Italian word for glockenspiel. The name translates as "little bells", making it also the Italian language equivalent for the Latin named "tintinnabuli" style of composition adopted by Arvo Pärt in the late 1970's.
4. Peeter Lilje (1950-1993), the dedicatee of the Requiem, was the chief conductor of the Estonian State Symphony Orchestra for the years 1980 to 1990. Some of his recordings from the 1980's have been issued (1996) on compact disc.
5. Ain Varts, who assists with the live electronics here, was a member of the chamber rock ensemble In Spe during its later period when Erkki-Sven Tüür was no longer its leader. Ain Varts performs as a guitarist on the Architectonics CD with the NYYD Ensemble.
6. Anne Tüür, who performs the piano part of the Requiem, was an original member of the chamber rock ensemble In Spe and is the composer's wife.
7. You can see a photograph of the exterior of the Estonia Concert Hall recording location at the website of Eesti Kontsert (Estonian Concert Organization). That website is in Estonian with some English translations.
8. Maido Maadik, the recording engineer, has a wide number and variety of major Estonian recordings to his credit. He also holds the position of Chief Engineer for Estonian Radio.
9. The Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir has a biographical note on Tüür and some excerpts from Crystallisatio reviews on their website.
10. ECM records also has a biographical note on Tüür and some further notes on the Crystallisatio recording.