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World Youth Choir - Frank Martin: Mass for Double Choir / Veljo Tormis: Choral Works Bohemia Music BM 0010-2
Recorded in Sant Genis Church, Toroella de Montgri, Spain in August 1992.
Sound Engineer:I.Pommer; Recording Director:J.C.Wilkens & P.Niki; Produced by:Bohemia Music Ltd. Prague.

All compositions are by Frank Martin (1890-1974) or Veljo Tormis (1930-)
Tracks 1.-5. Frank Martin: Mass for Double Choir (1922) (23:56)
Track 6. Veljo Tormis: Raua needmine (Curse Upon Iron) (1972) for tenor, bass, mixed choir and shaman drum (9:22)
Track 7. Veljo Tormis: Jaanilaul (St.John's Song) (from St. John's Day songs from Calendar Songs 1966-67) for mixed choir (5:04)
Track 8. Veljo Tormis: Vistel Vastel (from Shrovetide songs from Calendar Songs 1966-67) for tenor & bass voices (1:27)
Track 9. Veljo Tormis: Virmalised (Northern Lights) (2:24)
Track 10. Veljo Tormis: Käsikivimäng (Handmill game) (from Three Estonian game songs 1972) for mixed choir (2:13)
World Youth Choir / Tõnu Kaljuste

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Other Points of Interest and Links
1. The CD booklet contains an introductory text about the World Youth Choir by Executive Director Jean-Claude Wilkens, a note about Frank Martin and the Mass for Double Choir by Jean-Marie Marchal, a note about Veljo Tormis and his choral works (author unknown) and a biographical note on Tõnu Kaljuste (author unknown). All of these are provided in English, Spanish, French and German. The names of all the members of the 1992 World Youth Choir are identified with their country of origin.
2. There are no song texts provided in any language in the CD booklet.
3. One of the members of the 1992 World Youth Choir was Mikk Üleoja who is a present day member of the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir. He is also the tenor soloist in this 1992 performance of Curse Upon Iron. Soloists are not actually identified on this disc, but this fact is mentioned by Veljo Tormis in his book Lauldud Sõna (The Sung Word) published in 2000 by Tartu University Publishers ISBN 9985-56-506-1.
4. The recommended online source for this recording is the Musica Bona Shop which is located here.