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Estonie (boxset) contains the complete disc of Erkki-Sven Tüür: Oratorio Ante Finem Saeculi/Symphony No. 2 together with Urmas Sisask: Starry Sky Cycle and Veljo Tormis: Bridge of Song
This boxset was released in 1997. There are no compilation credits for the boxset production.
Finlandia 3984-20793-2

The following is the list of production credits as given on the original CD issue Finlandia 4509 95579 2 which is contained in its entirety in this boxset. The boxset contains the 2nd edition of the Oratorio/Symphony No. 2 cover art.
Oratorio recorded at the Tallinn Town Hall, Tallinn, Estonia in 1987.
Symphony No. 2 recorded at the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, Moscow, Russia in 1987.
Originally released on vinyl LP by Melodiya on C10 27187 009 in 1988. This CD reissue was in 1994.
Engineer: Priit Kuulberg on Oratorio, Pjotr Kondrashin on Symphony No. 2;
Original Producer: Mart Maripuu, CD Reissue: Production Supervision by Forte Ltd. & Executive Producer: Jari Tiessalo.

All compositions by Erkki-Sven Tüür
Oratorio "Ante Finem Saeculi" (1985) (for soloists, mixed choir and orchestra) 29:33
In four sections:
Tempus I (text: Ecclesiastes)
Tempus II (text: Viivi Luik)
Tempus III (text: Viivi Luik)
Tempus IV (text:Viivi Luik & Ecclesiastes)
Vera Talesh: soprano solo, Joosep Vahermägi: tenor solo, Riho Ridbeck: bass solo.
Estonian Philharmonic Oratorio Choir & Estonian Symphony Orchestra / Tõnu Kaljuste
Symphony No. 2 (1986-87) (for symphony orchestra and tape) 26:45
In two sections:
1. Vision
2. Process.
USSR State Symphony Orchestra of the Ministry of Education / Paul Mägi
Note: performer credit on the original LP issue was the USSR State Symphony Orchestra of the Ministry of Culture.

Commissions, Dedications and Awards
Oratorio "Ante Finem Saeculi" was commissioned by Tõnu Kaljuste.
Symphony No. 2 was written for the original LP recording.
Oratorio "Ante Finem Saeculi" was awarded the Estonian Annual Music Prize in 1986.
Symphony No. 2 was awarded the Estonian Annual Music Prize in 1987.

Music Publishers
Oratorio "Ante Finem Saeculi" and Symphony No. 2 are published by Warner/Chappell Music, Finland. At the time of this CD issue, they were published by Fazer Music Estonia.

Other Points of Interest and Links
All three discs in this boxset are the same (i.e. music, liner notes, cover art etc.) as when purchased individually. The only repackaging involved here is that they are contained in a slip cover with a rather lovely photograph of a wintry forest scene. There is a brief (63 word) French text on the back of the slip cover which introduces the three composers.
Availability of this boxset is uncertain but the two main French online sites that we would recommend to search for it would be at either or